Version 11.21 of EmailSuccess is now available.

New features and improvements include:

  • A new Collector, to periodically track the status of the sending queues
  • A new Autotuning option “connection_count_per_remote_ip” to enable granularity in how EmailSuccess enforce max concurrent connections limit at the provider level
  • Autotuning provider definitions now support the use of wildcard domains.

Below is an example of the definition for the Office365 provider:

/* Provider Configuration: office365 */
def void office365_definition(config)
def office365 = config.provider(‘office365’)
office365.dnsnames = [‘*‘]

/* AutoTuning Parameters: office365 */
… provider configurations …

/* Provider Invocation: office365 */

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Enhanced sending distribution between multiple IPs
  • Faster recycling of idle sending connections to providers
  • Fixes regarding the connection reuse on secure (STARTTLS) connections
  • New HerdDB release with many performance and stability improvements

EmailSuccess is available in both Free, Standard and Enterprise versions.

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