Starting with version 11.19, EmailSuccess now supports Rspamd, a fast, free and open-source spam filtering system.

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system that evaluates messages against a number of rules including regular expressions, statistical analysis and custom services such as URL black lists. Rspamd analyses each message and gives it a spam score.

Depending on this spam score and the user settings, Rspamd recommends an action for the MTA to apply to the message (e.e. pass, reject or add a header). Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously.

EmailSuccess is the on-premises solution for Enterprise email gateway applications and high-volume SMTP servers. Starting with version 11.19, EmailSuccess will be able to test incoming messages against Rspamd through API calls, and accept them based on the score it returns.

Configuring the Rspamd filter

To enable the integration, just login to the EmailSuccess administration console and enable rspamd filtering:

filter-module-set rspamd enabled true

To set options for the filter, use the filter-module-set command.
For example, to use a remote filtering system, just set the remote rspamd host endpoint:

filter-module-set rspamd endpoint http://remotehost:11333

The last step is to enable filtering on each input interface:

input-set INPUT1 filter enabled
ws-set rest_filter true
ws-set soap_filter true

Remember that, even if a message is discarded by an input filter, its information will still be saved to the input Collectors. This allows you, for example, to analyze messages and their spam scores in order to assess the scale of the problem and debug false positives..

The input collector may be enabled from the administration console with the following commands:

collector-add input file
collector-set ID write_header true
collector-set ID input_sources *
collector-set ID pattern msgid,user,ip,sourcetype,sourceid,filter,filtered,error

For further information please refer to the EmailSuccess documentation.

EmailSuccess is available in both Free, Standard and Enterprise versions.

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