Fabio Masini, our CTO, did it again!

After the article about choosing between cloud solutions and on-premise MTA solutions, Fabio, collaborating with Email Vendor Selection, wrote a new interesting article about how to select a high volume Mail Transfer Agent (MTA).

The article goes in depth on what problems are solved by an MTA. Obviously, the reasons are differents and they touch differents aspects of a company business, but we think that the two main aspects to analyse are:

  • Performance: a high-performance MTA is the best solution to send volumes of messages with high deliverability, high speed and low latency while retaining full control of sending parameters.
  • Configurability: a high-performance MTA can usually be tuned all the way down to very specific configurations to separate and maximize the performance of different types of communication patterns for transactional emails, content emails (i.e. newsletters), promotional emails

To go in depth with this argument, you can read the original post.

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