Fabio Masini, our CTO, collaborated with Email Vendor Selection to write an interesting article about choosing between cloud solutions and on-premise MTA solutions like EmailSuccess.

“You need to know the best type of MTA for your company. So, next to the features, should it be Cloud, On-premise or even Hybrid?”

The comparison between cloud and on-premises for MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) software has become like belief in one religion or another.

Indeed, you need to do a serious analysis to know if your company have to consider a cloud solution, an on-premises MTA solution, or a hybrid solution. Some reasons you should consider on-premise MTA are:

  1. Security and privacy: for many companies data are important and for others, there are market regulator constraints upon choosing a technical solution that will inevitably store that data. In some cases, the only way to conform with regulators is to have the full control of the software and this is one of the main reasons why many companies opt for an on-premises solution.
  2. Technical capabilities: MTAs are not complex solutions to install and configure, but they require a company able to manage the infrastructure. This is one of the main reasons why many companies opt for a cloud.
  3. Cost: typically depends on specific needs, but usually a (one-time) license fee of the on-premises solution is less expensive than many monthly or annually volume-based fees, with the warning of having a higher startup cost.
  4. Volume: from 1 million email/month you could be considered a big sender and you can consider in-house MTA. If a sender needs to generate different types of communication (transactional, newsletter, etc.), a solution with a dedicated MTA permits more control on for instance the delivery time of the single type of emails.

To go in depth with this argument, you can read the original post.

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