EmailSuccess is proud to announce its newest integration with Ongage.
With this integration, Ongage customers can enjoy the full range of EmailSuccess’ services directly from their Ongage dashboard, and all with just a few clicks.

Thanks to the hard work of the two technical teams, using EmailSuccess through Ongage has been simplified and optimized to meet the needs of the busiest email marketers. Send emails generated on the Ongage platform through EmailSuccess and take full advantage of both systems’ functionalities, thus making way for a more comprehensive email marketing strategy.

This integration enhances user experience and lets clients from all industries get the most out of each of the two solutions with ease.

Customers that choose to take advantage of this collaboration will enjoy enhanced abilities to nurture, develop and strengthen their email marketing efforts.

Danny Tal, Ongage Sales VP said, “We remain committed to creating the most comprehensive email marketing solution and our continued growth and integrations attest to that. We are proud to bring the EmailSuccess features to the Ongage platform and are confident the collaboration will bring great things to both companies and, more importantly, to our customers“.


About EmailSuccess EmailSuccess is an advanced SMTP Server (MTA) solution that was designed to provide email marketing experts with a reliable, high performing, secure and enhanced delivery service. By enabling customers to optimize campaigns and improve overall efficiency, EmailSuccess reaches its goal to improve internal and external communication. EmailSuccess offers a full array of  tools that can be used to build or improve companies’ reputations while maximizing email deliverability and customer satisfaction at the same time.


About Ongage The leading email marketing front-end platform instantly transforms email marketing by offering plugins to leading hosted SMTP and on-premise MTA providers.  The Ongage platform was designed to improve deliverability and redundancy, increase email marketing performance and effectiveness, reduce sending-costs, automate email marketing tasks, and boost ROI.


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