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It is possible for the user to make a choice and indicate specifically which cookies authorize.
Not authorize technical cookie could make it impossible to use the site, view its contents and use their services. Inhibit the functionality cookie could be not available in certain services or certain functions of the site or not working properly, and the user could be forced to change or to enter manually some information or preferences each time he visit the website.

The lack of authorization of other cookies indicated (analytics and profiling) don’t affect the website operation.
Through this procedure, the user can block or delete (whole or in part) cookies through the specific functions of his browser (on this, see the example above).
The choices made by the user about the website cookies could be recorded in a special cookie, that having the characteristics indicated in the cookies table. In some circumstances this cookie may not function properly: in such cases, we recommend you to delete unwanted cookies and prevent its using through the features of the browser.
User preferences in reference to cookies will be reset if you are using different devices or browser to access the site.

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