When choosing a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), it is essential to check all your requirements and choose a solution that allows you to adjust all your sending parameters, thus helping you reach your goals.

To name only a few important factors:

  • Performance: is the software capable of handling the sending volume that I require? Is it scalable? What sending latency can I expect from a full loaded system and can it handle some form of sending priority?
  • Configurability: how can I fine tune the software to work best for me? How easy is the tuning process?
  • Analytics: how easy is exporting data from the MTA to perform complex analysis? Can the software spare me some tedious activities related to bulk email sendings? (eg. bounce management, feedback loop management, reputation management)
  • Authentication: does the software support all the technologies required of a modern sending system? (eg. DKIM signing, modern rfc compliance, secure sending)

7 Reasons for choosing EmailSucces

Adaptive Email Deliverability: Automate parameter tuning based on individual ISP technical requirements to optimise your deliverability with minimum effort. Analyse ISP responses and create powerful rules to let the system automatically adapt to individual email providers: thanks to its AutoTuning feature, EmailSuccess offers a more advanced method to base your throttling settings on than does PowerMTA.

Compliant Authentication: DKIM signing, SPF and DMARC compliance, input handling rules, handling of dedicated source IPs; everything you need to certify the sender of your messages.

Flexible Queues and Pools: Segregate your traffic into multiple queues and different outbound IP Pools. This lets you both prioritise your most important emails and handle complex reputation based configurations, giving you a more flexible approach than what PowerMTA can offer.

Web Interface: Monitor every aspect of the system, research messages and their history, as well as analize and export them.

Data Collectors: Integrate the software with external log analysis tools by choosing the most suitable log output format, and automate which data to export.

On the fly Configuration: Many competing MTAs, such as PowerMTA, need to be restarted each time you apply any changes to the configuration file. Thanks to its console based configuration syntax, EmailSuccess picks up these configuration changes immediately, therefore no restart or reload is needed. This setup also makes tuning the system, both manually and programmatically, significantly easier.

Experience: With over 15 years of experience in Email Delivery solutions, our Company can give you all the tools and expertise you need for building or improving your email reputation. EmailSuccess has been built from the ground up to handle the most critical reliability, performance, security, and deliverability requirements.

With EmailSuccess we strive to empower our customers with the best technology and let them fully concentrate on email marketing strategies!

To show you EmailSuccess’ most important technical features, we have compared it with PowerMTA and MailerQ.

Function EmailSuccess PowerMTA MailerQ
Adaptive email deliverability (AutoTuning)
Automate parameter tuning based on individual ISP technical responses to optimize your deliverability with minimum effort.
Delivery priority management
Our advanced queuing technology allows you to process high volumes of messages, define specific IP pools and configure priority deliveries.
Advanced analytics
Analyze your performance via powerful web searches and analytic reports, and feed all information back to your CMS system.
MX rollup
The ability to select a provider by its DNS name and MX server.
Bounce classification
Bounce management
Feedback loop management
Compliant Authentication & Security
DKIM signing
SPF compliance
Management of STARTTLS connection by headers
Advanced settings
Configurable logfile (Collectors)
EmailSuccess can collect detailed logs about messages and system events, and send this data to one or more custom defined output files named Collectors. Different data types are supported: delivery, bounce, feedback, joined, blacklist and AutoTuning.
Live email archive
DNS handling


EmailSuccess is the MTA solution for senders of all sizes.
EmailSuccess is an advanced SMTP Server (MTA) derived from the technology and the expertise accumulated in years of exchanges with the ISP and ESP worlds, built from the ground up to handle the most critical reliability, performance, security, and deliverability requirements.


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*Sources: manufacturer’s marketing and technical/online documentation

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The MTA solution for senders of all sizes

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